Professional research and writing for government, corporate and non-profit organizations

About Kristin Coile

Kristin (Krissy) has over twenty years of professional research and writing experience for clients ranging from nonprofit environmental organizations and large corporations, to the State of Tennessee.  Her entire career has focused on her love and passion for writing, both as an advocate for private clients and as a public sector employee.  As a licensed attorney and former State employee, she understands the complexities  of government procurement, and has authored small and large ($1 million+) successful grant proposals  to private foundations and federal government agencies.  Areas of expertise include healthcare and wellness; environment and energy; insurance; and public utilities.

  • Research and development of procurement documents such as Requests for Information (RFI) or Requests for Proposals (RFP) for government agencies.
  • Preparation and editing of responses to RFPs for private vendors.
  • Preparation and editing of grant proposals for submission to private foundations and government agencies.
  • Technical writing on issues ranging from healthcare, wellness, insurance, to public utilities and environmental regulation.
  • Communications and ghost writing including responses to media inquiries and website content.

“Krissy’s legal and legislative background brought fresh perspectives and added expertise to several procurement projects for our division. She brings the same skills you’d find in a top consulting firm, and a positive attitude that makes her a welcome addition to any team.”

Executive Director
Employee Health Plan


“Krissy played a critical role in the success of our private grant application. Her skills, demeanor and guidance were all necessary to score the win for Tennessee.”

Executive Director
Tennessee Association of Business Foundation